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SiteOwl is the world’s first real-time platform for integrated design, install and management of electronic security systems.

Designed with security integrators and system managers in mind, SiteOwl provides a suite of mobile and cloud-based applications that delivers unparalleled visibility and project efficiency throughout each phase of the integration process.

SiteOwl helps integrators expand their book of business, increase the value of their service offering, and become a preferred long-term partner for their customers.

Integrators using SiteOwl can:

  • Increase recurring revenue with better service agreements.
  • Increase technician utilization metrics while in the field.
  • Develop and qualify design approvals at lightning speed.
  • Boost team efficiencies throughout the project lifecycle.

With SiteOwl, integrators can seamlessly move a project from design, to installation, and to service while delivering additional value at each step along the way.

Security system management is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. SiteOwl helps security integrators and system owners monitor, manage, and maintain complex security solutions.

Here is how SiteOwl can help:

  • Fast, accurate design tools help integrators and system managers build effective digital designs in a way that is both efficient and scalable.
  • Seamless internal project handoffs allow integrators to transition seamlessly between project stages, eliminating tedious and frustrating handoff meetings.
  • Enhanced project visibility provides data-based performance metrics and real-time updates to supervisors, managers, and customers throughout the installation process.
  • Unified, cloud-based system architecture ensures that everyone is on the same page. This results in less customer confusion and greater team efficiency.

My customer design approval process used to take two weeks to complete. Now, with SiteOwl, it’s often done in less than an hour.

-Chris Harper, Program Manager at Blackbox

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