PASS: How One Mom Advocates for Better School Safety and Security

June 2, 2023
PSA Vice President of Marketing and Education Candice Aragon serves on the PASS’ outreach committee where she took the time to review and understand the PASS School Safety and Security Guidelines. Once Candice got up to speed and understood how schools can benefit from the guidelines, she was shocked to find out how many people are unfamiliar with them.

In a world where school safety and security have become pressing concerns, moms like Candice Aragon are taking the lead to protect their children and impact change. As a mom of two, Aragon understands the fears and frustrations that arise from the ever-present threats our children face.

The Uvalde school shooting became a pivotal moment for her, as she felt frustrated and helpless. Eventually, she used this as a turning point, channeling her worries into action and change.

“I was tired of feeling powerless and felt like it was time for real change. We need tangible solutions and better safety measures.”

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