WEBINAR: Increase Profitability & Limit Competition by Integrating New Entrance Control Technology

November 29, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

As security hardware is becoming increasingly more commoditized, it becomes challenging for PSA members to maintain profitability & limit competition. A turnstile is often perceived as just a turnstile. Likewise, a walkthrough metal detector is a . . . walkthrough metal detector.

And in most cases with SMB customers, a door access system is just a door access system. So why would customers pay more for YOUR “commodity”? ZKTeco returns profitability & limits competition for PSA members by offering integrated entrance control solutions. Not commodities. With ZKTeco entrance control solutions, PSA members can use either traditional HID readers or hybrid biometric readers for greater security & convenience. Long-range face recognition provides the ultimate in HANDS-FREE Security & Convenience. Authorized users simply look at the camera to unlock the door.

In this webinar we will follow a visitor as they enter the parking lot, get scanned by the metal detector, step through the turnstile, get processed by the security desk and finally access the elevator. When offered as an integrated solution, PSA members maximize their profitability & limit their competition. ZKTeco products can also be sold separately and often plug into existing security systems. Integrated Security creates Value-Add for the end-user which results in increased profitability & limited competition for PSA members.