PSA Partner Program (P3)


By selecting a P3 technology partner, PSA integrators can be assured that they are doing business with the best of the best. P3 technology partners offer integrators exclusive promotions, training and a deeper level of engagement. Choosing a P3 technology partner ensures confidence in delivering optimal products and services to your projects and clients. 

 P3 Technology Partners are the Best of the Best 

The PSA Partner Program (P3) is a performance-based initiative designed for technology partners. The program evaluates and ranks partners based on a set of criteria that reflects their performance and contributions within the network. 

Technology partners who reach the required minimum in annual sales are evaluated on a weight scale. The scores that partners achieve collectively determine their overall standing in the program. There are two distinct levels in the program: “Elite” and “Platinum.” 

PSA proudly spotlights technology partners who surpass expectations in supporting our vision to Be the Rising Tide for the security industry. 

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