3 Ways Mobile is Enabling the Future Work Experience

October 23, 2023

The future of work is anchored in experience. Ensuring employee experiences meet employee expectations will lead to higher engagement and productivity. Mobile applications are making this happen and creating a positive impact on the future of work in three keyways outlined below.

1. Better Use of Space

Mobile supports the growing focus on productivity and space utilization through cloud-based applications. In a recent HID survey, access control systems were the most popular method to monitor occupancy data, with 42% of employees and 34% of visitors using them. Mobile apps for system management were rated the topmost impactful technology advancement to improve building and facilities management.

As the adoption of cloud-based systems takes hold, occupancy data derived from location services applications will drive more solutions based on when and where employees are on-site. This data will be used to support decisions regarding automated building management, tenant engagement applications, access control and real estate investment and divestment.

2. On-Site Toolsets for Dynamic Buildings

Mobile-enabled solutions offer benefits to building owners and operations managers by creating an integrated ecosystem that makes buildings intelligent. Occupant inputs into building systems, such as HVAC, energy, security and building access, allows for data-driven and timely decision making — not to mention better productivity, planning and high-performance buildings that are efficient and foster occupant productivity.

In addition, CRE firms can operationalize services through applications designed to foster engagement between owners, tenants and employees. From frictionless occupant access to available desks and personalized spaces, mobile solutions connect humans to their built environment.

We don’t have to imagine using a mobile app to autonomously book an activity-based space or set the temperature for that space prior to arrival — it’s possible today.

3. Collaboration Between Security, Operations and Third-Party Teams

Connected mobile solutions make it easier for teams to collaborate. For example, over the air provisioning of access control credentials make it easy to onboard new employees and revoke access for outgoing staff. Paired with visitor management solutions, vendors, contractors and other collaborators can gain access without requiring a visit to HR or the card office. A simple email to the user activates a mobile credential that can be managed remotely.

All this leads to a more seamless and simplified end-user experience, making it easier for employees to maximize their on-site time and to collaborate more effectively with colleagues.


Bevan Hayes, Product Marketing Manager at HID

Bevan has more than 20 years of experience in Smart Building technology, holding strategic roles in the build out of disruptive software product businesses and practices. His extensive background includes positions at Honeywell, Jibestream and McCann, working in the capacity of product leadership, enterprise sales and go to market. Bevan joined HID in 2020 as Product Marketing Manager responsible for the ongoing evolution of mobile access control solutions globally.