3 Ways to Get the Most Out of TEC

March 5, 2018

TEC 2018 will deliver leading education and networking opportunities for systems integrators. There’s a lot to do during the week, so here’s some quick tips to get the most out of an industry conference.

1. Network! Network! Network!

Attend All Networking Events 

Get started with by attending the Welcome Reception on Monday, and be sure not to miss TEC on Tap Tuesday evening.

Find Someone New Every Day

Make a goal to sit with someone new outside of your company each day.

Make Networking Easier

Wear your badge at all events and use the mobile app to connect with your fellow attendees.

Not Sure What To Do?

Check out the digital signage or talk with the PSA team to find out what activities are going on each day.

2. Write it Down

Take Notes During Your Sessions and During Your Meetings

Even if you think you will remember something important you learned, take notes anyway to be sure you leave with all the information and key contacts you have collected.

Complete Session Evaluations

Be sure to complete evaluations while the content is still fresh so we know how to make TEC even better for you next year! Complete your evaluations on the mobile app.

3. Visit the Exhibit Hall

Take Advantage of Show-Exclusive Offers from Exhibitors

Find details about show-exclusive offers at the booth and in the mobile app.

Learn Something New

Educate yourself on all the new products that are being showcased.

Challenge Yourself

Visit at least one new vendor you have never heard of before.

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