A One-Stop-Shop for Integrator Training

June 29, 2017
By Anthony Berticelli, PSA Director of Education

After more than a year of development, I’m happy to announce the launch of PSA’s new education portal,   We’ve built this site to serve as the base for a constantly developing one-stop-shop for the educational needs of PSA owner companies.  Content isn’t the only important part of a successful education program; delivery also plays a critical role.  Here’s a little bit of information about how we intend to accomplish excellence in both content and delivery.



The new site will host all past and future content created by our fantastic PSA committees.  All the tools, resources, videos, documents, and playbooks created for PSA integrators by PSA integrators will live on dedicated pages for each committee.  We are also expanding our other key areas of focus including basic training for business, audio-visual/communications, and security alongside critical industry topics like recurring monthly revenue (RMR), drones, robotics, and more.  As PSA continues to lead the charge into new areas of importance for our integrators, PSA Education will be committed to delivering educational content on these topics.


Our goal is to be a key resource for all members of the integrator community and to reduce time wasted searching the web for the right product training.  The site currently features training content from nearly 20 key PSA vendors and business solutions providers and that number will grow each quarter.  As we continue to work on new ways to deliver the best content for systems integrators, stay tuned for some creative ways PSA Education will maximize the PSA network in the next fiscal year!


One of our favorite features of the new site is the certification and license tracking tool.  Designed with nearly 100 industry certifications already included, any registered user can enter, track, and maintain their certifications within our site.  If you don't see the certification you're looking for pre-built into the system just let us know and we will add it for you.  The certification tracker offers in-depth reporting allowing integrators to see across their company who has what certification, who has a certification lapsing in the next 90 days, and more.


Along with the new features, PSA is also continuing our partnership with  Now, your login will connect you directly to content.  If you’re not a member yet but want to be, your login automatically provides you a $100 annual discount, meaning you have a full year’s access to all content for only $150!



PSA is constantly looking to improve how we deliver training content to our integrator community.  Outside of our ever-growing educational events, we’ve put a huge focus on increasing the benefits you receive day to day.  We know how busy you are, so we've designed all content to be available within 3 clicks of the mouse once you are logged in.  The setup is easy to navigate, the menu is intuitive, and we highlight and rotate featured training from our partners on the home page.


The new site hosts a large library of past webinars and we will be implementing a new approach to webinars moving forward.  Where possible, new webinars will be shorter (15 - 30 minutes) and will include the use of technology beyond the standard PowerPoint.  We understand how difficult it can be to make time in your busy schedule to attend a live webinar presentation so now most of our new webinars will be available immediately on-demand, allowing you to watch whenever and wherever is convenient for you.  This will also help us ensure all content is covered in depth and in the time span requested.

I sincerely hope you like and benefit from the direction we’re heading with PSA education.   We’re always open to your thoughts and feedback, so please feel free to reach out with your ideas.  I look forward to continuing PSA’s mission to empower you to be the most successful integrators around!

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