All parties benefit… The Beauties of RMR!

August 28, 2018
By Charlie Regan, President, Gorrie Regan & Associates, Inc | PSA Managed Services Committee Chair

By now you may know that PSA has formed a Managed Services Committee. The purpose of this member-driven group is to craft a number of ready-to-work solutions to be offered by PSA. Our group is comprised of several different companies from around the country and whereas we are very different in terms of geography and even in the solutions provided, we are united in the fact that an RMR (Recurring Monthly Revenue) model is our preferred go to market strategy.

I have always been raised in the belief that if properly executed, an RMR model benefits all parties. The customer will receive a needed solution with a known fee structure and service plan. The supplier will be pleased as once such a model is in place, its supply chain will be buying more products with greater consistency. And the VAR or distributor will have the benefit of a known and predictable service timeline with an ongoing stream of income to fulfill it. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Well, it is great.  But as you can imagine it doesn’t happen overnight…it takes great care and planning. Thus far, the members of the Managed Services committee have been trading notes about the solutions each member company provides in this manner. As stated, they vary widely from full-service time clock and equipment leases to state of the art cloud-based security offerings with system health management.  Working hand in hand with PSA, we are seeking to gauge the solutions that will have the most national appeal and create the business plans that will work for all involved. Our goal is to have PSA offer a turnkey solution for you to add to your current offerings.

We hope that this has peaked your curiosity. Stay tuned, there is much more to come.

For more information on PSA Committees, please visit the committee page on by clicking here.