An Experience with Brivo Complete | PSA Managed Services Committee

March 17, 2020
Brivo Complete is a creative and flexible subscription-based solution for integrators as opposed to selling an installation with a CapEx installation cost and a monthly RMR subscription offering.  Brivo reviewed various scenarios from a pricing standpoint and took labor, installation, commissioning, and training then bundled those services into a subscription offering which allows the reseller to sell the solution as hardware as a service.

Instead of a $5,000 single-door, card reader with $20/$25 a month subscription costs, Brivo complete will offer a similar solution for $100/month to the end user through the duration of the service agreement based on payment options.  This allows the reseller to walk in with very little up-front cost for the end-user.  Additionally, this benefits the PSA/integrator in that the integrator is compensated for their time and for their materials up front and then works with Brivo in managing contractual relationship with the customer.  Brivo is continuing to refine the Brivo Complete program.  Since Brivo recognizes that there is a lot of end-user customization they’ve moved away from shipping boxed parts.  Brivo typically work with a reseller, through a survey, to determine what reimbursement or what up-front cost will be provided by the reseller. The ultimate goal is to get the customer to sign onto an access control.

Ollivier chooses to utilize Brivo Complete in instances in which the customer may have not budgeted appropriately for security.  Or maybe the customer is looking for what that upfront cost will be and once they see that they get deterred.  So, Ollivier uses Brivo Complete as an option when the customer doesn’t have the appropriate budget, or it is utilized to provide a competitive advantage against an on-premise solution.  Ultimately, the partnership with Brivo on their Complete Team has been great.  Brivo Complete support has been exceptional and their creativity in getting solutions to the end user has really assisted Ollivier.  For example, Ollivier just experienced a situation where the end user using Complete Solution ended up defaulting on payment to Brivo.  Ollivier, as the reseller, was free and clear regarding to their investment and didn’t incur loses other than upcoming commissions.  Another benefit Ollivier has seen since taking on this offering is that they’re attaining new leads from Brivo.  Ollivier is interested in getting the product out to the market.  In all, Brivo Complete is not a different solution for the end user, it is not a different system – it’s just one of the ‘go to’ market strategies that Brivo is offering.  Ollivier is taking advantage of this opportunity.

PSA and Brivo give you a method for offering not only subscription cloud-based updates and the hosting of the infrastructure, etc. but if in addition to that you also want to offer a service plan, preventative maintenance plan, or other value add (end point protection, cyber security) it can be done that way. Another advantage of Brivo Complete is that the integrator via PSA is reimbursed for the doors that Brivo are managing. Brivo sends the commission monthly and the commission carries on for the life of the relationship with the end user.