Committee Highlights & Executive Summaries from TEC 2015

July 15, 2015

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By: Julie Rolles, Training Specialist, PSA Security Network

Did you attend the PSA Committee Roundtable discussions at TEC 2015? If you missed these stimulating sessions, check out the highlights from PSA’s Sales & Marketing Committee and Technical Committee! Committees Logos RGB_Sales & Mktg Committee PSA’s Sales & Marketing Committee hosted two dynamic sessions at TEC this year:

[download_link url=/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/TEC-2015-Exec-Summary-SM-Committee-Compensation-Panel.pdf]Compensation Programs that Drive Results[/download_link]

This panel discussion was moderated by Paul Boucherle from Matterhorn Consulting, LLC. Panelists included Eric Yunag of Dakota Security Systems, Larry Simmons from Tech Systems, Inc. and Steve Piechota from Netronix Integration. Conclusions from the session included:
  • Business owners need to adjust compensation programs to continually attract top talent who could otherwise be increasing competitor sales.
  • Always align your compensation with your overall strategy and begin with the end in mind.
  • Remember that the team wins not individuals. Share your vision with employees in the company.
  • Be slow to hire and quick to fire – having the right team is essential.
  • Drive results without driving away top sales representatives.

[download_link url=/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/TEC-2015-Exec-Summary-SM-Committee-Building-Your-Brand-Awareness-Roundtable.pdf]Building Your Brand Awareness[/download_link]

This interactive roundtable focused on different approaches for building brand visibility, awareness and memorability. Using methods outlined in the committee’s [download_link url=/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Building-Your-Brand-Seven-Steps-for-Success.pdf]“Build Your Brand: Seven Steps to Success”[/download_link] guidebook, attendees learned which resources integrators are leveraging to grow their customer base, support sales teams and receive a greater return on their investment. Session highlights:
  • Bruce McDuffee from Knowledge Marketing for Industry offered his expertise in Content Marketing.
  • David Morgan from Security Dealer Marketing shared his insights on Social Media.
  • Scott Fincher from Inovonics Wireless presented his ideas on Events Marketing.
Attendees left the session with a starting point for increasing brand awareness, visibility, and memorability when using available time, money, and resources through content marketing, social media and event marketing . Attendees received insight on resources that integrators are leveraging to grow their customer base, support their sales teams, and receive grater return on their investment. Committees Logos RGB_Technical Committee PSA’s Technical Committee hosted an interactive session at TEC this year:

[download_link url=/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/TEC-2015-Exec-Summary-Tech-Committee-An-Industry-Synopsis-of-Physical-Security-Technology-2.pdf]An Industry Synopsis of Physical Security Technology[/download_link]

This session was moderated by David Sime, VP of Engineering for Contava and 2014 Chairman PSA Technical Committee. This roundtable was designed to provide insight on the key technologies driving the industry today and the potential impact these technologies will have on physical security in the future. Attendees participated in a facilitated discussion and evaluation of the current capabilities and the future potential value or limitations of these technologies. With an increased understanding of where current and future products provide value, integrators can better invest in appropriate competencies and have more valuable interactions with their customers. Integrators in attendance contributed the findings shared in the executive summary document. This session provided attendees with the best approaches for evaluating current technologies, where the technologies have future potential or value, where these security solutions can deliver value, and where these security solutions can deliver value to integrators and to the end users. Ultimately, attendees determined that mobile applications for each product classification emerge as an essential element of security system deployments and it seems as though everyone wants full mobile device control.Mobile technology is assisting integrators with closing more sales and providing grater business opportunities.