Committee Member Spotlight: Scott Superfine

June 26, 2024

Scott Superfine
President & CEO
M&R Electronic Systems, Inc.

My decision to invest my time into the PSA community has already delivered tangible dividends in both my own growth and my business growth.

M&R Electronic Systems President and CEO Scott Superfine benefits from and contributes to the PSA community as a Leadership Committee and Peer Exchange Group member. It was an experience at TEC 2023 in Dallas, Texas, that led to him getting involved in PSA Committees.  

“At PSA TEC last year, I sat and listened to some of the leaders in our industry, many of which I came to find out were on the Leadership Committee,” said Scott. “Many of the members were older than me, and I got to thinking that I may be able to offer a different perspective given my journey to ownership and my age, while also keeping my eyes open and ears out, so I could learn from my extraordinarily successful peers.”  

Now, as an active member on the committee, Scott provides a variety of unique perspectives on the challenges security leaders face. While he has a different generational view, he has also watched M&R Electronic Systems grow for the past two generations before he took over his father’s role and assumed ownership of the family business with his brother.  

When asked about his experience on the Leadership Committee, Scott recalls valuable advice on how to get the most out of peer collaboration.  

“I would offer the same advice I received early in my committee involvement,” said Scott. “Take a leap and be vulnerable. I believe my willingness to be vulnerable and ask for help and guidance has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. My decision to invest my time into the PSA community has already delivered tangible dividends in both my own growth and my business’ growth.” 

Scott joined a Peer Exchange Group with the same motivation that led him to the Leadership Committee: improving his leadership abilities and experience. While he’s enjoyed measurable success professionally thus far, he recognizes he still has a lot to learn to better himself and his company.  

Beginning his career in low voltage contracting, Scott understands the importance of adopting AV into his business. In fact, he regrets not integrating the two industries sooner.  

“We have really focused on growing our security and AV revenues, which has made the PSA community especially relevant for me and our business as a whole,” said Scott. 

M&R Electronic Systems is a PSA member company and a member of Edge, PSA’s professional audio video division.  

Reflecting on M&R Electronic Systems’ long history, Scott was asked what values have been the most influential to its success under his leadership.  

“I think staying true to our core values (expertise, commitment, integrity, teamwork, innovation and exceptionalism) and the intentional commitment of my brother and I to try to keep the company feel like a family-run business, even in the face of growing pains, still yields a better outcome every day.” 

Looking forward, Scott hopes to make a positive difference for his employees and his peers in the security and AV industries while working with his brother to prepare the possibility of turning over the company to a fourth generation of ownership.  

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