Committee Member Spotlight: Tim Norman

December 20, 2023
"The individuals in the PSA Next Generation Leadership Committee are forward thinkers and good leaders, not just managers. Having great conversations on different approaches makes me a better, more well-rounded leader for my own team. Tim Norman, National Accounts Division Manager, Integrated Protection ServicesPSA Next Generation Leadership Committee Member 
Tim Norman began his career in the security industry with Integrated Protection Services (IPS), his current employer, as a project manager. After seven years and two roles later, Tim stepped into a leadership position with IPS as the national accounts division manager.  “When the position of division manager became available, I felt it was perfect timing,” said Tim. “Our department was in a growth stage and ready for new direction, and I was ready to take on the challenge.” To assist Tim’s transition into management, he set a goal to become more involved in the industry. IPS, a PSA owner, has multiple employees serving on PSA Committees and has been active in additional PSA offerings and events, so it was not long before Tim heard about the Next Generation Leadership Committee.  “I felt like the Next Generation Leadership Committee was going to fit perfectly with the spot I was at in my career,” said Tim. Since joining the committee, Tim recalls the benefits he has experienced from the camaraderie to the sharing of ideas and experiences in the monthly committee meetings. He says it’s been encouraging to learn from other members who are facing similar challenges and obstacles that he has also encountered, and what they gain from discussing the different outcomes. PSA Committee members are active participants who put in what they want to get out, which allows the committees to continue to grow.  “The individuals in the Next Generation Leadership Committee are forward thinkers and good leaders, not just managers,” said Tim. “Having great conversations on different approaches makes me a better, more well-rounded leader for my own team at IPS.”  Looking back on the significant changes in the security industry since Tim’s entry, he attributes the myriad of product offerings as a catalyst.  “With so many customers staying in the know on products and having the ability to search for information on their own, integrators must be more diligent,” said Tim. “We need to ensure we are offering the best solution, and not just the products we are familiar and comfortable with.” When asked about the future of the security industry, Tim leans on popular discussion themes from the committee meetings. He predicts the industry is moving toward a customer-focused approach with integrators adapting to meet individual client needs. Customers want to be more involved in the installation process, and they want to understand their systems. Outside of Tim’s professional life, he is a husband and a very engaged father to two active girls and their soccer and basketball coach. In his free time, Tim frequents the gym and plays sports to stay healthy and keep a clear mind.  Interested in joining a PSA committee? Learn more!