Cutting Costs without Cutting Corners with Savings4Members

April 27, 2020

Cutting Costs without Cutting Corners

A Q&A on the Perks of MembershipFor any security business, it’s a relatively simple equation that hasn’t changed for years: good people, effective training, and quality products equal a satisfied customer and a thriving business.  But as current events have shown, the unexpected can quickly add challenging variables to that equation. Now more than ever, businesses need a sharper edge to adapt, overcome, and stay profitable. With this in mind, we talked to Veronica Pratte, Account Relationship Manager at Savings4Members to get some helpful advice on how PSA members can put their membership to work to use that edge today, tomorrow, and for years to come.For members that haven’t taken advantage of this benefit yet - how does Savings4Members work? Veronica Pratt: To put it simply, we exist to help tip the scales in favor of independent businesses. Our roots are as a cooperative, where we became experts at bringing independent businesses together. Savings4Members takes that one step further, first by bringing together hundreds of groups like PSA to negotiate a better deal on the products and services members use every day. Then, by creating the technology solutions that make leveraging that scale easier. So, what updates has Savings4Members made to make cutting business costs even easier? Veronica Pratt: Honestly, we’ve changed a lot - and there’s even more to come. For the past year we’ve been focused on making it faster and easier for members to take full advantage of their benefits. The biggest upgrade PSA members will notice right away is our completely overhauled Member Dashboard. In this one location, members can activate the discounts they have access to, check the status of programs they’re already enrolled in, and get in touch with Savings Experts by phone, email, or live chat. So, how can a member get started with their discounts? V.P.: It’s very easy. Members can call 844-346-3746 and talk to a Savings Expert immediately, they can chat with someone via the chat option on our website, or they can access their Savings Dashboard online 24/7 by entering their business email address at The best part about that is there’s no need to remember a username or password. All a member needs to do is enter their email and a link to their unique Savings Dashboard will be e-mailed directly.In addition to monthly email updates on new, updated, or recommended perks - our Savings Experts will also check-in from time to time to see how we can help. So be on the lookout!Every member should know, our team is your team. And we’ve grown our Savings Team in the last year to ensure there’s always someone available to help you make the most of membership.Are there certain types of members that should be using your service?V.P.: Honestly, no. Your PSA benefits can make an impact whether you’re a large company or small and family-owned. With over 20+ cost-cutting opportunities, there really is something for everyone. For some members, that means saving money on everyday expenses like office supplies and uniforms. For others, it’s cheaper fuel for company vehicles. But one benefit I encourage every member to start with is credit card processing, and the reason is pretty simple. With our close partnership with CardConnect AIP, every member can know with complete certainty that they’re getting the best possible rate. Getting started with that is really easy too, all a member needs to do is get in touch with a copy of their most recent processing statement.  Last year, the average member saved over $7,000 in processing fees - so these can really add up. Not to mention, it’s really nice to have an actual relationship where you can call and talk to your processor. What common misconceptions prevent some members from taking advantage?V.P.: We hear a lot that members don’t have time to look into their benefits or that they already have the lowest offering.  What’s great about being a member is that we have a team of experts here to do it all for you.  Another common misconception we hear from members is about their vehicles. PSA members have access to some incredible fuel discounts for fleets. Often, we hear, “I don’t have a fleet - just a few trucks.” But that’s more than enough to qualify and you can get a nice discount on every single drop of gas.  For members, a quick chat with one of our Savings Experts can easily turn into thousands upon thousands in reclaimed profitability. All because that member put their membership to work. How should members learn more about the benefits available through their PSA membership?V.P.:  If you’re a member and you haven’t done it yet, definitely visit your Savings Dashboard. There’s no need for a login or password, just enter your email at for your unique link. This makes it easy to access your benefits, see what programs you’re already taking advantage of, and any next steps required. If you’re feeling chatty - reaching our team by phone is also always a tried-and-true option. Another great resource is the business resource section on our website. We’ve been working hard to put together content and resources focused on helping businesses of all sizes on topics ranging from operations and hiring to marketing, profitability, and more.What else is new with Savings4Members?V.P.: Our team is always working on finding new ways to help members succeed, but I’ll keep it short! Members should keep their eyes on their inbox these next few months. We’ve got some great updates and helpful additions coming that we will be announcing in emails they receive monthly. From great new programs to even more enhancements to your member dashboards. The perks of membership are only getting better and easier to take advantage of.

If you’re looking for a way to give your business an edge in uncertain times, Veronica’s team is here to help.Every week, the Savings4Members team actively supports members with comprehensive cost-cutting services and easy access to benefits focused on boosting profitability and saving members thousands. Every member has access to a unique savings dashboard. To access yours, just enter your business email address at and Savings4Members will send your unique link. 

veronica pFor over a decade, Veronica Pratt has made it her mission to listen, learn, and lead while working with member-businesses of all sizes from a wide variety of national associations, cooperatives, and franchises. As Savings4Members’ Account Relationship Manager, Veronica works directly with leaders and members of America's best organizations to connect them with the powerful value of the Savings4Members network.