Essex Electronics Introduces the iRox-T, a Revolutionary New Multi-Technology Turnstile Reader with HID Technology Solving Concealment & Performance Challenges

November 9, 2018

Essex, a long time PSA Vendor partner, is now introducing the new IRox-T Turnstile Reader. IRox-T uses the powerful embedded HID® iCLASS SE® technology that supports multi-frequency, multi-technology applications including SEOS, in a cost-effective low profile reader with enhanced read range capability. The IRox-T is designed specifically to solve concealment challenges that enables streamlined upgrades to higher-security turnstile applications including HID’s most secure SEOS technology The solution meets the ever increasing security demands in busy lobbies and other environments, without sacrificing functionality or speed.

PSA Turnstile Partners “Certified” for IRox-T

Alvarado  |  Boon Edam  |  Orion



• Enables virtually all dual-frequency credential technologies including HID’s most secure Seos® credential for maximum security and use for multiple tenant applications.
• Dramatically increases the read range for certified turnstile manufacturers.
• Low profile for optimal placement
• Standardized using HID iCLASS SE reader module with an enhanced high performance read range and supports multiple frequencies and technologies including Prox, iCLASS, iCLASS SE and MIFARE, DesFire, EV1 & 2 for a variety of access control manufacturers.



• Simplifies migration options to the highest level of credential security available today via HID’s Seos® credential technology.
• Can be recessed or concealed with an increase in readability range.
• Creates a streamlined replacement and transition from existing low-frequency readers to the latest, most secure credential technology available.
• Increased read range contributes to a more efficient throughput for turnstiles.


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