Featured Integrator: Beacon Communications

July 3, 2019

At PSA, we believe our integrators are the most innovative, advanced and effective in the electronic security industry. To recognize these exceptional qualities, we bring PSA integrators to the stage each month and introduce them to the PSA community. This month we talk with Brad Walsh, President, about Beacon Communications and how they are providing impactful solutions that both save and improve lives.

Beacon Communications focuses on helping companies in Healthcare, Government Municipalities, Education and Commercial Real Estate operate more efficiently, cost-effectively and safely. They provide support and service nationwide to a variety of buildings and institutions that require crucial communications on a daily basis. 
How long has Beacon Communications been in business?

We have been in business for 21 years.

To date, what has been the most unique or interesting job that you would be willing to share? 

Recently, we aided our customer, the Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center in Colorado. The facility’s 1.2 million square foot campus had been nearly five years in the making and we contributed over 35,000 recorded man hours to the campus project. We added the BiAmp Vocia Distributed Audio System, and the Rauland Borg Responder 5 Nurse Call System (easy to use communication and audio solutions) in order to provide the best possible patient care despite the size and geography of the facility.

Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center

What vertical market does Beacon Communications work in?  

We install communication and technology solutions in different vertical markets: healthcare, education, government, energy and commercial.

How did your company get started in these markets?

Our founder was a roadie for artists including The Who, Janis Joplin and the Beach Boys. It was there that he learned to cater to high profile clientele and learned the ins and outs of the A/V integration business, a core service provided at Beacon Communications.

What are some of the biggest challenges that integrators are facing in these markets?

Solutions functioning at the enterprise level are becoming more critical than ever in healthcare, education, government and commercial enterprises. We’re seeing Healthcare IDN mergers at a tremendous rate and as these providers continue to grow, its extremely important that the technologies they use are scalable. And interoperability is at the forefront of our business. Bringing cutting edge technology and customized solutions that integrate with each of our client’s unique needs is a priority.

In addition to this market or application focus, what other types of clients do you have?

We assist large scale apartment complexes, schools, energy facilities, hospitals, assisted living facilities, as well as local courthouses and other government facilities.

Brad Walsh, President

What makes Beacon stand out in the physical security industry?
We provide impactful solutions that both save and improve lives. Our solutions encompass improving communication, as well as providing crisis communication technology that includes response, control and containment solutions.
What qualities will a successful security integration company have?

Our attention to detail, along with our ability to customize, install, and maintain critical systems have brought us success. Our heightened level of customer service has also played a major role in our success.

What is your advice to individuals who are looking to build a career in security systems integration?

Apply at Beacon Communications! We train and support our staff, while also continuously promoting from within our organization!

Is there anything else you would like the PSA Community to know about you or your company?

We have carved out a niche in our industry because of our ability to define new ways to improve communication, safety and security.

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