Improving Relationships with Clients

July 21, 2017
By: Lisa Carbajal, Administrative Assistant, Arizona, LVC Companies

We all want the secret formula for customer satisfaction, don’t we? We give our customers top notch services but still, more is sometimes needed to make them happy. At LVC, we ensure that all our customers are satisfied; it’s our first priority. Better customer services will ultimately translate to more profits, as well as increasing our loyal customers. The question is: how exactly do we handle a customer who is dissatisfied? Many people will try to look for the nearest exit point, blame it on someone else or even just ignore the client. We don’t do that. This can be a source of heightened aggression. The following can be a great starting point to better client-company relations:

Administrative Assistant, LVC Companies

Have a high customer opinion 

Have a clear distinction between behavior and the person; you should respect the latter more. However, focus on solving the situation, not the cause, and be receptive to all customers.

Understand the cause of complaint

Feel what the customer feels. Merge with their world and have a better understanding of why they are there in the first place. Be careful not to be the source of more frustrations in the process.

Actively listen without interruptions

Have a keen ear no matter what. Be it gibberish, don’t cut the customer off to avoid missing what they say.  The customer should be heard; acknowledge their frustration.

Avoid blaming the customer or the client

Do not add more wood to the fire by blaming the customer for not being keen to understand the company’s policy. Also, do not admit when the company is to blame. Talk with wisdom and work towards finding a solution for the problem.

Have a problem-solving outlook

Always leave a positive sign that the reason for dissatisfaction will be promptly solved. Instead of saying no, “I will do so first thing tomorrow” will leave an unforgettable mark. Customers prefer it when you spend less time on the problem, and act quickly with a solution. Be careful not to make more complications, which add insult to injury. It is important to admit when you cannot fix the problem.  Assure the client that you are working to find someone who can, as soon as possible.

Do more than what was expected

This will leave your client smiling. Exceeding expectations means that you have the clients best interest in mind will do everything to help them. Create a strategy that is a big win for the customer.

Customers are humans, as we are. Keep in mind that they may be going through stressful situations. Remember a time when you were struggling to understand how they feel; put yourself in their shoes. Show that you care and can be relied upon to find a solution.

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