Marketing Masterminds – That’s a Wrap!

March 9, 2022

PSA hosted the first of many Marketing Mastermind events for its members in Irving, Texas, on Feb. 22. The event hosted more than 25 members and partners from across the nation to take a deeper dive into branding and workshop the impact it can have on their organizations. Thank you to all sponsors, speakers and attendees who participated!

Mark your calendars! Marketing Masterminds will return Fall 2022!


Branding Home Runs from Industry ExpertsPresented by John Nemerofsky, Gina Sansivero and Danielle Moore

The event kicked off with Branding Home Runs from Industry Experts. John Nemerofsky of SAGE Integration, Gina Sansivero of AtlasiED and Danielle Moore of Jabra each shared their companies’ unique branding stories and what the impact of such strong brands has had on the industry.

Download Branding Home Runs from Industry Experts slides below to learn more.

SAGE Integration Rebranding Plan PresentationAtlasiED Brand Evolution: Beyond the Logo PresentationJabra's Awareness in the AV Community PresentationDigital Marketing and BrandingPresented by Tad Druart

Following the Home Runs presentations was a session on digital marketing and how that can be used to increase brand awareness from Tad Druart of Eagle Eye Networks. Druart’s session dug into the “superpowers” of digital marketing and how it increases opportunities and revenue for an organization.

Download Digital Marketing and Branding slides for more information on Tad's presentation.

Finding and Articulating Your Organization's WHYPresented by Candice Aragon and Jillian Chamberlain

The event wrapped with a workshop from PSA’s very own Candice Aragon and Jillian Chamberlain, a freelance digital strategist. The two lead the group through a branding exercise to help attendees establish their organizations’ “why” and helped frame the elements of a strategic marketing plan. Attendees left with action plans for how to approach their brand’s articulation and great marketing connections from within the industry!

Download Finding and Articulating Your Organization's WHY slides here.

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