SIW Insider Intelligence: The Seesaw of Life with Stuart Clapp

September 23, 2021

PSA Network team members share “Insider Intelligence” with Stuart Clapp, inside sales supervisor, shares why maintaining balance is the key to personal and professional success and provides four ways for you to regain your balance.

From your first day to your last, it is an integral part of your life. It is always in the background, and as you get older, it moves to the foreground and helps you make important and not-as-important decisions.

It is balance…and it is everywhere. From rolling over and sitting up to learning to walk, it is there in the physical sense, but no one really pays attention until the first time they sit on a seesaw at the playground. That is when you learn that equal weight makes the fulcrum flat. Disparate weights cause one person to be in the air while the other is on the ground.

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