Technology & Devices: Innovations That Power

March 17, 2017


The theme of TEC 2017 is “Powering What’s Possible.” We gave this phrase to several people who are involved in TEC in a variety of ways – from PSA employees to TEC attendees, speakers and exhibitors. They were asked to share what the phrase means to them and how the theme ties into TEC 2017.

By: JR Andrews, National Sales Executive at Altronix

This year’s PSA TEC theme, “Powering What’s Possible”, couldn’t be more apropos. The technological innovations we have been witnessing over the last decade are positively affecting every aspect of our industry from manufacturing, to end-users and everyone in between. The possibilities are endless and these innovations aren’t just fancy product features designed to hold the attention of the fickle tech geeks of the world.

Technology that would have been unfathomable a decade ago, can now inform a user when a device is going to fail, before it actually happens.

JR Andrews, National Sales Executive, Altronix

The ability to first and foremost provide the most solid foundation possible for quality critical security and life safety begins with power. Nothing embodies this year’s theme more than new technologies that allow users to monitor, control and report power from anywhere over the network. This innovation has the ability to affect not only the systems integrator who wants to streamline his service department and improve its profitability, but also the end-user who can feel good about signing a maintenance contract when remote troubleshooting and repair can get their system up and running quickly and affordably. Technology that would have been unfathomable a decade ago, can now inform a user when a device is going to fail, before it actually happens. Network communications from power and data transmission components can provide direct integration with third-party access control, video management and automation software, further providing endless opportunities for system monitoring. The more system components with this technology, directly relates to system up time and greater security and asset protection.

Advancements in extended range power and Ethernet, as well as composite fiber cabling solutions, are expanding the reach of security to areas that were once left vulnerable as local power sources were scarce or non-existent. We now have the ability to send power and data to remote network devices over 1600’ with traditional network cabling. With composite fiber, powering remote network switches, wireless access points and Hi-PoE devices can be accomplished at distances up to a mile and beyond.

The people behind these innovations and the users that the technology is created to affect truly expands the landscape of what’s possible. It takes vision to grasp a new technology and harness it in a way that drives growth and further innovation within a company. PSA TEC is not only the industry’s leading training ground for technicians to master their trade, it is the coming together of people and technology which powers the discussions where technological innovations are embraced and adopted.

Education Presented By Altronix:

Hands-On Fiber Optic Technician Training and CertificationPresented by Altronix and The Fiber Optic Association of AmericaMonday, May 8 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

One-Day complete training in fiber optic theory, cabling, connector installation, splicing, testing and troubleshooting.  Learn how to connect CCTV cameras, access control, and network security devices to fiber optic links.  Students take an online pre-class tutorial that teaches the basics of fiber optics.  At the classroom session students will build fiber optic links, see demonstrations of splicing and testing techniques, and take a written test to achieve the Certified Fiber Optic Technician rating from the Fiber Optic Association, the largest certification body in the fiber industry.  All materials and tools for student use will be provided.


Easy Fiber Optics for IPVS, CCTV and Access Control Presented by AltronixTuesday, May 9 1:00 PM - 3:15 PM

There are millions of unused fiber optic connections that are available to extend the distances and capabilities of electronic security systems.   Use these connections, and reduce labor costs.  Learn how fiber can carry video and security signals for miles, and how one strand of glass will transport video, camera control, audio, and access between buildings.  See how a $5 tester can confirm the viability of a fiber link; learn how to plan a fiber installation, and how to select the proper transmission devices.

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