The Heart & Passion of the Faithful Servant-Leader

April 19, 2016
An inspiring leadership message from a PSA friend:

          These attitudes live themselves out through the true servant-leader:                  They leave their impact upon the lives and work of others;Impacting how others perceive your company;Impacting how others trust your services as THEIR solution;Impacting how you continually EARN THE RIGHT to additionaland growing business with each and every customer again and again and again.

The true servant-leaders daily, effectively, powerfully lead their teammates

to go the extra step and beyond to help others, whether the need is great or small;

Defining integrity by completing the task and more;

Defining partnership by being there through the good times and through the challenging times

-with commitment, with patience, with purpose;

Seeing something broken as something needing to be fixed and fixing it,

-whether with a product, with a promise or with a relationship.

Leading others within your company to go where other companies fall short –

They won't do it…They refuse to do it…They can't do it!


We can do it…We will do it…We just do it!

Even when all seems a bit challenging,

Even when others would quit -

That is not OUR heart;

That is not OUR way;

That is not OUR name!

The true servant-leaders listen to others intently;

They write it down - it's important - it's gathering facts to help each concern;

They ask more questions - investigating for the heart of the situation;

They go to work on filling the need;

They follow up - they build trust quickly with their customers;

They deliver - they match each solution to each opportunity;

They ask "What would you like me to do now?"

They are ready to serve again.

 Their voice conveys the attitude of willingness and readiness to help;

In the heat of the battle to solve the problem, though the customer may “press hard” at times,

the true servant-leader believes and practices:

"Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger" –


 The true servant-leader impacts others by the PERSON they are;

They give out of themselves, and others receive much in their giving;

-Even at their own inconvenience;

-Even at their own sacrifice;

-Sometimes even at their own loss;

They are selfless…They simply SERVE;

If YOU are one of these true and faithful helpers, Keep encouraged – And keep it up! For you are a real encourager to many others; For we are so very thankful for people like YOU; You labor not in vain; So, do not grow weary; Yes, do not grow weary! Keep being faithful to the end; Keep serving well; Keep serving on; Well done! Yes! Well done!

Keep Encouraged! -Mike Raudabaugh