The Importance of School Safety

December 20, 2023

School safety is a growing priority for students, parents, educators and administrators, elevating the importance of physical security solutions including access control, lockdown systems and video surveillance – to an all-time high. With such an important and impactful topic as school security, having conversations with key decision makers must be addressed in a comprehensive manner – whether you’re a parent, a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) or simply a concerned citizen.

To support those conversations, we’ve provided four safety tips for schools on how they can improve security across their school district.

1. Procedure Enforcement

While most schools have documented policies and procedures in writing, they are rarely directly shared and communicated to staff, students and parents. Schools should ensure that they have up-to-date policies and procedures in-place (such as lockdown drills and visitor management protocols), along with ongoing training to ensure everyone knows how to respond in the event of an emergency.

2. Modernizing Security Systems

One of the most impactful ways schools can improve their security is by modernizing their security system; using outdated security systems can lead to a range of costly inefficiencies. To maximize safety and efficiency, schools should look into implementing modern technologies such as access control solutions, visitor entry solutions, video management systems and more to help monitor activities throughout the school.

3. Mobile-friendly Solutions

With many modern security systems comes mobile friendliness. School administrators and security personnel can use mobile apps to monitor the school’s access control system, video surveillance systems and lock down school security systems right from their phones, enabling them to quickly respond to any incidents.

4. Funding

Many K-12 schools often experience a range of challenges when it comes to allocating resources and funding for comprehensive security measures beyond fire safety. To support K-12 school safety, LenelS2 has recently launched On The Safe Side – a national program designed to empower parents and communities to have more impactful conversations about school security. This program includes a range of useful resources, including a Guide to Funding to help school districts and school administrators navigate the process of applying for grants and government funding to get the security solutions they need to help keep schools safe.

To learn more about helpful school safety tips, click here.

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By: Jared Gettinger, Senior Director, Business Development, LenelS2

Jared is presently the Senior Director, Business Development for LenelS2. His nearly two decades of experience in the security industry has been a catalyst for strategic business development activities across the United States & Canada that have contributed strongly to growing the LenelS2 organization. In his leadership role, Jared guides the North American Business Development team that focuses on cultivating relationships with architects and engineers, key vertical markets with a strong emphasis on K-12 Education. Jared previously held roles with regional and national VARs, providing him with both a technical and business foundation for his distinguished career in the security industry.