Making Every Hire Count

Are you looking to improve the productivity and profitability of your employees?

If your employees can utilize their preferred way of doing things, be motivated by what they are doing on the job and apply their competencies, they will perform well.

We evaluate candidates to determine:

  • How they solve problems
  • Interact with others
  • React to change
  • Respond to rules and procedures

We determine what motivates them and what competencies they will bring to their work.

SELECTION is the 1st step!

We will work with you to effectively Select, Integrate, Develop, and Measure new employees while nurturing your existing one using a similar methodology of creating job-specific, targeted development.

HRGroup – The Workforce Catalyst

Since our first PSA Integrator project in 2005, HRGroup has supported Integrators in the process of selecting work-ready, “right fit” candidates for various positions, including Project Managers, Central Station Staff, Account Managers, Salesforce, Installers, Supervisors, Managers and Senior Staff positions.

We strive to promote superior individual and workforce performance. Our experience and research confirm that there is a direct relationship between how organizations productively manage their workforce and their financial success.

We have been working for more than 20 years to ensure that our clients accomplish both objectives – workforce and financial success!!

To receive a complimentary Talent Insights evaluation for one of your employees and a 30-minute debriefing of the content of their evaluation, please submit your request below.

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Ted Szaniawski
Phone: 602-232-2228