WEBINAR: NFPA 72 – 2016 and the Integration of Security Solutions with Emergency Communication Systems

November 15, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Within the latest edition of the NFPA 72 a number of changes have been adopted that affect the solutions that can be placed within the built environment. The use of a “Class N” Ethernet infrastructure for alarm and signaling systems has now been created. The objective of this presentation is to understand the definition and use case of the Class N infrastructure and how the communications industry now has a significant role in messaging and distribution of Emergency Communications Systems.

Learning objectives:

1) Participants will learn the application and use of the Class N infrastructure to support emergency communication needs.

2) Participants will be able to define the use of key terms utilized for successful deployments of voice communication systems.

3) Participants will be able to define and apply the layers of the Emergency Communications System into the built environment.

4) Participants will have an awareness of the needs of integration of systems into the Emergency Communications System to support the crisis intervention plan of the built environment.