WEBINAR: Creating a WINNING RFP Response In 5 Easy Steps – A PSA Sales & Marketing Committee Presentation

March 22, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

RFPs can be cumbersome, lengthy and extremely detailed. How you respond to a RFP demonstrates your professionalism, knowledge, competence and more importantly, how your firm will respond to the client’s needs down the road. Learn how to stop filling in the blanks and how to start reading between the lines to create winning RFP responses. Taking time to put thought into your RFP responses will make a positive first impression on the procurement department and other key stakeholders as to the quality work you can offer. Following our five easy and important steps will help ensure your RFP proposals are seen, that they communicate your competitive advantage, and ultimately increase your chance for winning work!


As a result of joining this webinar attendees will:

1. Learn how to read a RFP to accurately understand the importance and implications of stated requirements.

2. Understand the importance of using RFI’s to better determine needs and clarify the what behind the why

3. Acquire a five step formula that will help manage the quality and completeness of RFP responses.

4. Know how to propose the right solutions, incorporate value added options and assemble their final package to stand above their competitors.