WEBINAR: Revenue Generation in a Downturn

May 19, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This webinar will highlight two MSSP partners whose services can help increase revenue during a disruptive 2020 business cycle. Customer buying requirements and capital budgeting trends will be a key focus of the session. Product value propositions will be mentioned, but detailed product presentations will be offed as follow up actions. Remote managed services and RMR is the model moving forward. As such, RMR Sales Compensation Models will also be discussed. PSA members will understand value positioning for FEENICS (Access Control as a Service) and National Monitoring Center (Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring). This session will focus on new revenue opportunities in 2020-2021.

FEENICS and National Monitoring Center represent innovation in the access control and proactive video monitoring solution markets, (PSA sweet spots). They will offer insights on how their sales processes have succeeded over the last 12 months to date. Don’t miss it!

Join Julie Rolles, PSA Training Manager, Dan Dunkel, Managing Director – MSSP Program, as we host Paul DiPeso, Executive Vice President at Feenics, and Joey St. Jacques, Director of Business Development at Feenics, and Nicola Oakie, VP of Sales, Proactive Video Monitoring at National Monitoring Center, and Chester Burress, Account Manager for ESI Fire & Security.