How to Secure and Monitor a Network with a Few Clicks

November 8, 2022
Time: 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Over 60% of successful network intrusions occur inside the firewall. LMN's EdgeSentry appliances and SwitchLock technician software will monitor and actively protect everything inside with a few clicks. No cloud, no forklift, no special training and no recurring fees!
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Jeff (left) and John (right) have each spent over 25 years in the security industry with John on the manufacturers rep and distribution side and Jeff on the manufacturer’s side in sales and marketing. Both are extremely technical (John has Cisco certification- CCNA, CCNA Security) and have represented only top quality products during those years. John handled companies such as Bosch, Flir, ComNet and Zenitel, while Jeff spent 15 years with multiple Star Award winning NVT and 10 years with ComNet. Both share a passion for network security and customer service.
For over 10 years, John and Jeff worked together representing ComNet communication products for the security industry. During that time, John started looking for cybersecurity and network monitoring products that he could sell to enhance his offering as a rep. After realizing that IT security/monitoring software companies simply didn’t understand the security market and how to serve it, they decided to forge a company with this simple goal: design and build a software program/appliance that anyone could install in less than 30 minutes that offers tremendous security and monitoring features with one catch being no recurring fees.