WEBINAR: Teleportivity – A Perfect Solution for Higher Education AV / IT Managers

November 20, 2019
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

There are around 5,000 higher education institutions across the United States; many of these, have their own internal AV/IT support teams who are overloaded, inundated, and at capacity.  Did you know that you can resell the Teleportivity platform (like a zoom, webex or any software application) to your Higher Education End-User Customers to solve many AV and IT Support related issues on campus? Teleportivity can significantly reduce tech support calls, eliminating unnecessary visits to rooms only to discover that it’s a user issue. Join us learn how you can help your end-user customers transform their own support and service experience.

Speakers:  Adam Gottlieb - Founder & CEO David Borg - Co-Founder & Head of Sales