Business Solutions


Enabling business growth through evolving/emerging technologies, adapting new business models, organizational growth development through vision, planning, coaching, and customized training workshops.

“The PSA Security Network is an idea factory that enables the best and brightest people to share knowledge, experience and new insights through exceptional training, consulting, and engagement with those who want to rise to the next level of performance. It has been a privilege to serve this community for the last 16 years.”- Paul Boucherle, CPP, CSC

Our Company Values

Walk your talk, under promise and overdeliver, be accountable for failures and improve measurably; be real based on our depth of experience and knowledge, answer the tough questions, work harder than anyone expects. Acta non verba (actions not words).

Our Customers

We have a good business fit with the following customer profiles:

  • Clients who recognize, envision, and embrace change for strategic reasons regardless of size.
  • Clients in a business transition mode, rebuilding, new leadership, and generational change.
  • Clients that embrace tactical and practical changes with realistic time frames.
  • Clients that ask the right questions, consider all the input, then act.
  • Clients that realize failure should not be feared but embraced as the best teacher of lessons.
  • Manufacturers, distributors, system integrators, dealers, and end users (security consulting).

Paul Boucherle CPP CSC – Delivers on diverse security business perspectives, business vision development, change management assessments, business strategies and operational (sales, marketing, technical) tactics to drive your company toward your goals. Executive Coaching Penn State Certified 2007.

Jayne Boucherle CSC – Delivers the supporting soft skills needed to execute change and supports people management for strategic and tactical plans that enable organizations to get the job done. Jayne is an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner. Executive Coaching Penn State Certified 2007.

Our SME Profile

  • Emerging/Evolving Technology applied realistically to business growth
  • Business operational consulting using “Traction” Entrepreneurial Operating System
  • Assessing talent for specific roles (Recruit Right Tools)
  • Company communication processes for leaders and department mangers
  • Coaching leadership transition, development, and accountability training
  • Strategic and tactical business customer development
  • Strategic and Tactical sales training based on selling business value (30th anniversary)

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