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Easy-to-Use Site Surveys & System Design

Drag & Drop Design. Automate a Bill of Materials. Profitable Sales Wins.

PSA Security members find that using System Surveyor helps them reduce design time by up to 50%, increase sales win rate by 20%, and improve profit margins.

PSA Security members get 10% off when you upgrade to a paid account!
System Surveyor sets a new standard for customer experience and engagement to co-design systems with customers and streamline the entire process.
  • Best in class, mobile site survey app on iPad or Android tablets
  • Sync to the cloud to complete designs and collaborate for estimation
  • Capture and associate pictures during site surveys and save hours of time
  • Automate a bill of materials (BOM)
  • Professional reporting

Read the System Surveyor ROI Report.

“I haven’t picked up a note pad to do a site walk in over a year.”- Gary Hofner, PSLA Security, PSA member
“My customers and A&Es want to make sure that everything that I design looks nice on their building. With System Surveyor, I can make the change on the fly and share it with all the stakeholders that deliver their system including the install team. The benefit is fast and visual information sharing. The informed customer is a great customer and it builds trust that we can work together effectively.”- Terry Rivet, President and CEO, Securitronics, PSA Security Member

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