Welcome to the LEAP: September Edition!

To kick off the first month

We are starting simple! Below you will find pre-written content and graphics focusing on PSA’s main events and recent news. You will also see PSA and USAV branded LinkedIn cover photos if you would like to update your LinkedIn profile branding.

Content will be listed in bullet-point format and categorized by topic. Below the bullet points, you will see suggested dates and times to post in an italicized font. To save a graphic, click on the link. When the graphic opens, right click to save image.

The point of this program is to make it easy for employees to be PSA advocates on LinkedIn by providing pre-written content and materials to promote PSA and obtain a healthy, individual social presence.

Combining forces, PSA and its employee advocates can reach a larger network!

PSA and USAV LinkedIn Cover Photos

To save a cover photo, click on the link. When the image opens, right click to save image.

PSA Pre-Written Content

Copy and paste any of the posts below to share on your LinkedIn. You can edit the content as you would like or keep it as is. To include a graphic in your post, you will click on the photo icon and select the graphic depending where you saved it in your files. Make sure you include a link!

If you see “Content Prompt” this is a topic idea for you to create your own post to be more specific to your job or interests.

USAV employees, your pre-written content is coming soon!


New PSA Website  (launched Sept. 1)

  • Check out PSA’s new and improved website! Our team has been hard at work to bring the power of the network to your screen. Explore what’s new!
  • PSA’s new and improved website features an integrator locator! You can search by location or company name to find an integrator near you. Give it a try today!
  • Content Prompt:
    • Highlight your favorite page that benefits your department! For example, link to the Education page, Committee page, Integrator Locator page, Join PSA page, etc. and say what you like about it or why it is helpful to your audience or customers.

The new website launched on Sept. 1. Posting Sept. 2-10 would be closest to the launch date and most likely garner the most traffic and excitement. However, these posts can be shared anytime, especially when highlighting a page.   

Download New Website Graphic 


TEC 2022 Call for Presentations Deadline Approaching

If you have been a speaker or participated in a panel at TEC:

The deadline to submit a TEC presentation is Sept. 10. Posting the week of Sept. 6 would be the best time to post. 

Download TEC 2022 Graphic 


PSA Convention is Oct. 13-15 in San Diego, California, at Hotel del Coronado

Convention Promo Video

  • See what PSA Convention has to offer!
  • OR Share PSA’s LinkedIn post where the video plays automatically and registration is linked. To do so, click here to open the post. Then, click share and add the caption below.
    • See what PSA Convention has to offer!

Attendee List/See Who’s Coming

Download See Who’s Coming Graphic 

Agenda and Registration

Download Convention Registration Graphic

Golf Fundraiser

Download Golf Graphic 

Post anytime during September. I would suggest not posting more than 2 convention posts in one week. 

Time To Get Posting!