SIW Insider Intelligence: The Big Disruptor

June 17, 2024

In Security Business Magazine, PSA CXO Candice Aragon highlights how Zack Kass, AI futurist and former head of go-to-market at OpenAI, discussed AI's current and future impact as this year's PSA TEC keynote speaker. Zack acknowledged working professionals' caution toward AI, but emphasized the importance of working collaboratively with AI to handle routine tasks, allowing people to focus on creativity, innovation and maintaining essential human connections.

One of my favorite elements of PSA TEC is the keynote address, and this year’s speaker, Zack Kass, was potentially the most thought-provoking yet. Zack is an AI futurist and the former head of go-to-market strategy at OpenAI. In his address, “Leveraging AI for Good,” he helped us understand the current AI landscape and its future trajectory, gave practical applications for AI now, and helped us dream about what the world could look like in the future.

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