Best of Breed IPDVR – Life can be simple again

January 22, 2014

Why can’t buying a reliable server be simple and cost effective?

by Tom Yeargin | National Sales Manager | Video Storage Solutions

Over the past 36 years I’ve learned a lot from being in the security and surveillance industry.  With the migration to IP Video, every “solution” seems so complicated. In the good old days you bought a DVR, plugged in your cameras and 20 minutes later you were up and running. Today, software and camera vendors load up so many features the integrator needs a master’s degree from Wharton to understand how to program and deploy them.

Why can’t buying a reliable server be simple and cost effective? I think I figured out why during the past two years. Every server needs to be provisioned with hardware that can handle massive amounts of data. Every VMS has different ways it writes and processes the video from a camera. So whoever is building the server needs to understand these software nuances.

Then there is the firmware, nobody talks about the firmware. Unless the firmware is engineered and thoroughly tested to control all the hardware, you’re going to have issues. We’ve all been there, something happens and you’re going to hear “what version are you running?” Everything in your server should be running the same version of firmware provided by the manufacturer. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong, it seems that in order to save money most servers sold today have 3rd party components in them. Primarily it’s hard drives, followed by raid controllers and graphic cards. Even though a hard drive meets a specification, that does not mean it will work consistently. After all nobody can test the effect and impact from every a 3rd party device out there.

Sadly the servers you are buying right now may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.hp_global_oem_-_white

OK with me so far, our industry deserves to have the advantages of today’s technology, with the simplicity of a DVR. I guess you’d call it an IPDVR, the best of both worlds.

So here is an idea. It is based on common sense and the KISS principle. Hewlett Packard is the largest supplier of servers in the world. They ship a server every 18 seconds. Axis is the leading manufacturer of IP cameras in the world. They also happen to have a very solid, robust, cost effective VMS. Yeah you must use their cameras, but they make a wide selection of great cameras. Milestone is one of the most utilized and respected VMS providers in the world. BCDVideo is an Original Equipment Manufacturer for Hewlett Packard. These are the guys that have been building the video servers for over 6 years. They are the real deal, not a garage band.

So, here is my idea for a company to help make selling IP Video systems simple again:

1. This company will have a portfolio of proven, rock solid HP servers specifically designed and built for the demands of video. Every server should be 100% tested prior to shipment. No DOA’s.

2. The company should load and test all the VMS software then load the individual camera licenses, and here is the kicker, include the cost of the licenses for either Milestone or Axis Camera Station software into the cost of this server/appliance. Plug and Play like a DVR.

3. They should include a 5 year warranty provided by HP and an HP technician should go to the end users site the next business day and fix whatever hardware is broken, including hard drives. While on site they should update all the firmware for free.

4. Then a PSA member should be able to buy it from their own buying group at a spectacular price, better than anything else on the market.

Even a guy like me could sell this.
Bottom line.
It’s not just an idea.
It’s what we do.
Video Storage Solutions.

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