Digital Security and Surveillance Solution for Up to 32 Cameras

April 17, 2014
Ready to Use, Integrated Video Surveillance Solution Optimized for Ocularis PS

If you are looking for a surveillance solution for a single site or perhaps multiple remote sites you will need a Network Video Recorder (NVR) optimized for up to 32 cameras. Seneca offers a NVR100 that can support a wide range of projects including IP, analog, and the integration of analog with IP cameras (hybrid solutions) designed for these solutions.

Seneca has leveraged their enterprise expertise to design a low cost, entry level solution with high performance capabilities optimized for single site usage. The xVault xNVR100 line reduces overall hardware costs by allowing video recording, storage, local client, and mobile viewing from a single appliance.

The xVault xNVR100 comes is 3 dedicated configurations optimized for your surveillance project.

xNVR100 Designed for IP Deployments:

The xVault xNVR100 video recorder provides customers with high definition IP recording for single site locations. This appliance combines simplicity with a robust, ready to use solution with seamless installation with video management software (VMS) platforms and leading camera manufacturers.

  • Easy to use All-in-One surveillance systems with video recording, client viewing, and mobile viewing
  • System optimized with only components necessary for deployments up to 32 cameras
xHybrid100 Designed for IP and Analog Deployments:

Integrate today’s IP technology with your existing analog equipment and enjoy the latest camera technology and video management software features. The xHybrid100 is built on an open platform system, allowing users to easily add and change cameras and components as their project demands.

  •          Utilize latest IP camera technology and video management software features
  •          Access live and recorded video on multiple clients without additional hardware
xNVR100 Bundled Solution with OnSSI for IP and Hybrid Deployment:

The xVault xNVR100 OnSSI solution provides an out of the box, ready to deploy, video surveillance platform designed for single site surveillance or distributed across multiple remote sites. This bundled solution supports IP deployments or a combination of analog and IP (hybrid) projects where customers are slowly transitioning their analog equipment to IP.

“Seneca makes it easy for security integrators to deploy IP technology while giving their analog customers a migration path to bridge the gap into IP technology,” said Ron VanTassel, Market Development Manager for Seneca.  “The xVault xNVR100, performance optimized and pre-loaded with OnSSI Ocularis PS software, provides a turnkey solution ideal for up to 26 camera deployments.”

“By Embedding Ocularis PS in Seneca’s xVault product offering, we can provide customers with best-in- breed software and hardware for demanding applications and environments.  Also included in the offering is the Ocularis mobile client, capable of streaming HD/MP cameras at full frame rates over low bandwidth connections to your mobile device, said Ken LaMarca, VP of Sales and Marketing at OnSSI.  “The Seneca xVault NVR, Powered by OnSSI, is scalable, flexible, cost effective and simple to configure and use, making it the right choice for standalone and multi-site applications”.

The xVault xNVR100 product line is available through distribution and can be purchased through PSA Security Network.  For more information about this solution or where to purchase please contact a Seneca Account Manager at (877) 814-0348. For more information visit or