End the Year with New Beginnings

December 18, 2015

By Julie Rolles, Training Specialist at PSA Security Network

As 2015 ends, we can celebrate the New Year by embracing some new beginnings; professionally and personally.

First, take some time to reflect on those things that make you feel most grateful. What are some of the things that you planned for this year that came to fruition? Perhaps there were also some surprises along the way? Gifts not asked for, but received. A new idea, a brand new account, new job venture or accomplishment. These can also be personal, recovery from an illness or injury, healthy family, reconnecting with an old friend or family member, discovering a forgotten pastime that brings you great joy. By jotting down the things that you are grateful for, you can chart the course for some new beginnings to welcome the New Year. Writing things down gives you point of reference and makes planning for new goals more concrete.

Consider taking a day to wrap up any loose ends from 2015 projects, to clear some head space to plan for the next year. Then consider some 2016 personal and professional goals. As you do so, you might reflect on some questions to help clarify your direction:

  • In what areas would you most like to improve?
  • Where do you need to give yourself some room to grow?
  • How can you add more meaning to your life?
  • Do you desire more work/life balance?

It’s a great idea to discuss these questions with those who know you the best, your family, friends and closest colleagues. Their insights might help you to prioritize your list of things to do or not to do. Choose a few to work on, these should be the most impactful goals you anticipate will help chart the course for greater happiness and success. The more specific you can plan of the who, what, where, when and why you are implementing any changes or new actions will help you to get started, stay on track or course correct as needed.

“If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it’s moving you away from your goals.”  — Brian Tracy