Five Minutes With Mike Chagolla

June 7, 2017
Ever wonder who keeps the PSA engine running?  A team of talented, intelligent, and fun people are working hard every day to ensure PSA leads the charge in the electronic security industry.

Get to know us a little better! Meet Mike Chagolla, Customer Service Manager at PSA.

Describe your job in a couple of sentences

I lead a team of extremely caring and highly dedicated Customer Service Representatives.

How long have you worked for PSA?

2 Months.

Can you share a little bit of information about your professional background?

I started in restaurants when I was 11 years old. I went from restaurant management, to hospitality management to operations management. My focus has always been the customer.

What was it about PSA that caught your interest?

I saw a company that had solid history, with plenty of room to grow. Mostly, it was the passion and enthusiasm behind providing the type of value and service that we do.

As one of PSA’s newest employees, what are you enjoying most about working here?

The people!

What do you like to do for fun?

My family is where it all starts. They are the reason that I do everything that I do. Most of my free time is spent with them. I also am an avid music lover and I play racquetball every chance I get.

Any fun or interesting facts about yourself that you want to add?

I’m also a musician. While I have played in various bands with various styles, I have been playing with the same Jazz trio for 25 years.