Five Minutes with Terry Tafoya

February 18, 2016

Ever wonder who keeps the PSA Security Network engine running?

A team of talented, intelligent and fun people are working hard every day to ensure PSA leads the charge in the electronic security industry. Each month we showcase one of our PSA superstars so you can get to know us a little better. In February, we spent a few minutes with Terry Tafoya

What is your official title?

Inside Sales Representative for the Western Region.

Describe your job in a couple of sentences:

I am responsible for finding and pursuing new customer prospects and maintaining existing customer satisfaction with product information and pricing. My goal is to meet and surpass the company’s expectations to drive rapid and sustainable growth.

 How long have you worked for PSA?

Three and a half years.

 What is your favorite memory as a PSA employee?

I always look forward to PSA TEC. As an inside sales representative I cannot get out to our customer locations and meet customers face-to-face. I do communicate with these nationwide customers daily via phone calls or emails. TEC gives me the opportunity to put a face to a name with these valuable customers.

What do you like to do for fun?

When it’s time to have some fun and let loose, I can always be counted on to take it over the top (not without the occasional embarrassing moment). As a Colorado native, I enjoy spending time with my wife in the beautiful outdoors. I have always been the guy who can befriend anyone, create strong relationships, and work through challenges with a smile on my face.

Any fun or interesting facts about yourself that you want to add?

Away from work, I enjoy working on home improvement projects, skiing, golfing, fishing, music, camping and getting out of the city. Although this is beginning to sound like an online member application to a dating site, I am happily married with two beautiful kids.