How a Fuel Card Helps you Save MONEY!

September 4, 2014

How much do you spend on fuel a month? The number is often quite a bit larger than most business owners think. Without a fuel card, you may have no idea what the actual cost is to run your fleet.

When you realize how large that amount is, ask yourself, “How am I currently paying for fuel”? Debit card? Corporate credit card? Checks? Cash?

Have you ever thought about how insecure all of these payments methods are to you as a business owner? Your employees can be using those payment methods for other expenses such as coffee, donuts, filling up an extra gas can for their mower, filling up their own personal vehicle, and whatever else they feel like buying. It’s very difficult for you to manage your expenses when you don’t know what your money is being spent on.That’s where fuel cards come in. With a WEX or Exxon Mobil fuel card you can set purchase alerts and controls to prevent unauthorized spending. You can set the card to accept payments for fuel only and just during work hours so you know every penny you spend is going into your business vehicles.

We know you trust your employees with your business, but do you trust them with your finances? There is a reason why they work for you and aren’t managing a business themselves. Make sure you get every penny out of your business with a fuel card.

Click here to watch this video about the fuel card program that PSA members have access to through BizUnite, at no cost, as part of your PSA membership.

The savings get even better! Have an Exxon or Mobil station near you? Ask about how you can save an extra 6 cents per gallon at the pump!

Contact Nick Pithis at 603-628-2320 for more information or fill out this form to save up to 15%* on fuel management expenses, and gain tighter control of your spending.

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