Imagine a Reliable, Cost-Effective, Wireless Perimeter Solution With No Trenching, Cabling or Conduit.

April 25, 2014
Don’t think it’s possible? 

Xtralis has made your dreams come true with the ADPRO® PRO E-Passive Infrared (PIR) Detectors!

With the global expansion of solar fields and energy pipelines, large perimeter protection is more complex than ever.  Large perimeters require a cost-effective and reliable intrusion detection solution that is easy to install.  And the remote locations of these applications also warrant features such as reduced cabling, wireless communication, and alternative power solutions such as solar or battery.  Perimeter technology has been around for years ranging from active infrared, microwave, buried cable, and passive infrared technology – and there are certainly supporters of each technology for a variety of reasons, but Xtralis prides itself on listening to our customers, monitoring industry trends, and delivering innovative technologies that change the way the world views security.  Xtralis believes ADPRO PRO E-Passive Infrared (PIR) Detectors are the answer for protection large perimeter applications.

The award winning ADPRO PRO E-series of passive infrared detectors were engineered to provide extraordinary reliability and accuracy.  This new generation of PIRs evolved from the Xtralis defense-grade perimeter protection technology and our proven series of ADPRO PRO PIRs. This PIR portfolio is unmatched with innovative features such as wireless communication and installation, 360PROtect™ tamper protection, and iCommission™ for one-man commissioning and maintenance. ADPRO PRO E-series detectors achieve unsurpassed performance even under precarious environmental conditions. The ADPRO PRO E-series PIR detectors are available in a variety of models to optimally address varying perimeter, performance, and budget needs and achieve unsurpassed detection performance.

This product is ideally suited for large perimeter applications such as solar fields, energy pipelines, logistic centers, scrap merchants, warehouses, car dealerships, and utilities due to the following unique features:


The PRO E-series is available as a fully wireless solution for reliable perimeter protection in remote locations and delivers drastic installation and labor cost savings.  The PRO E transmits alarm and fault reports wirelessly and eliminates trenching, cabling, and conduit thus significantly reducing labor and installation costs.  Intelligent power management and batter or solar power options allow solutions that are cable-free in remote locations.


While competing solutions charge for creep zone detection software, all PRO E-PIRs have 360PROtect, an additional built-in sensor to cover the area from up to 1m (~3.2 feet) around the detector up to 8m (~26.2 feet) in front of it eliminating the creep zone entirely.  360PROtect also provides a separate alarm output to central monitoring station software so operators can quickly identify which zone is alarming and visually verify with a camera.   This series also includes detection for attempted surface mount removal, masking, and twisting and up to 13 feet mounting height to minimize the risk of vandalism.


The PRO E-series also addresses installation issues.  Installation of a PIR typically requires 2 installers or forces a single installer to make many trips up the ladder and through the curtain.  The new PRO E-series provides a telescope accessory for easy horizontal alignment and our patent pending revolutionary iCommission tablet and smartphone application, for vertical alignment of the detector.  iCommission allows the installers to remotely adjust the vertical PIR position while performing a simple walk test in the detection zone.  This feature reduces commissioning and maintenance time and costs.


The PRO E-portfolio seamlessly integrates with the ADPRO FastTrace™ 2E Remotely Managed Multi-service Gateway (RMG), via an RS-485 communication bus or via Ethernet by using the optional ADPRO PRO E-IPM, an IP-module capable of being integrated into the PRO E-housing.  The PIRs signal alarm events to the RMG, and direct the local cameras to the alarm zone.  With IntrusionTrace, a video content analytic (VCA) running on the RMG, operators are provided real-time visual verification of the threat for an effective and efficient response.

This series addresses one of the largest problems in the industry - false alarms; it offers superior detection performance and reliability that was 3rd party tested and endorsed.  The ADPRO PRO E-series results in cost savings during planning, engineering, installation and commissioning phases, delivering a very compelling solution for customers.  For more information, please visit