Integrators Are The Power Source of TEC

February 23, 2017


The theme of TEC 2017 is “Powering What’s Possible.” We gave this phrase to several people who are involved in TEC in a variety of ways – from PSA employees to TEC attendees, speakers and exhibitors. They were asked to share what the phrase means to them and how the theme ties into TEC 2017.

By: Julie Rolles, Training Specialist at PSA Security Network

“We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

According to, power can be described in several ways:  The ability to do or act; Capability of doing or accomplishing something; The ability to inspire.

Heading into my third TEC event, and pondering the theme to TEC this year “Powering What’s Possible”, I have determined that the integrators are what powers the possibility of TEC.

Julie Rolles, PSA Security Network Training Specialist

Integrators make the whole event unique, compared to other industry conferences I have attended.  In my experience, TEC is a much more intimate and friendly conference with more of a family feeling and it’s the integrators that “Power What’s Possible!”

Seeing a friendly face arrive and check-in at the registration booth is my first highlight of the busy week ahead and a reminder of how many faces we get to see again, reconnect, and network with.  Networking is an aspect that makes TEC unique and helps create the intimate atmosphere.  TEC provides many networking opportunities for integrators to reconnect with a friendly face over a meal, at the welcome reception, during vendor hospitality suites, or at Jam.

In addition to the networking, the integrators help power countless learning opportunities available to meet a variety of educational needs.  TEC provides integrators with the opportunity to challenge and educate new members of their business and a chance to meet new vendors and see new products/prospects that may be available to them.  Integrator participation in the courses offered at TEC help provide a fresh perspective for the speakers and for other integrators.  Through participation and feedback from the participants, PSA is able to continue offering more possibilities year after year.

TEC would not be possible without our integrators, vendors, speakers, committees, and YOU.  It’s amazing what’s possible when integrators fully engage in their collective power…. TEC!  Let’s harness that energy and passion – register for TEC today!

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