Part Two: Five Pragmatic Steps to Implement a Successful Digital Transformation Effort with System Surveyor

June 28, 2021

In part one of this two part blog series, System Surveyor, a PSA Business Solution Provider, introduced digital transformation and how it could benefit system integrators. In part two, System Surveyor explores five pragmatic steps to implement a successful digital transformation effort.

This post digs further into the pragmatic steps once you’ve decided it’s time for your organization to implement the digital transformation initiative. We’ll focus specifically on adopting System Surveyor to digitally transform the site survey and customer engagement process – but the same concepts may hold true for other digital transformation efforts.

Step 1: Start by identifying a project owner and a couple of key resources

Step 2: Replace old manual methods & map out new sales processes

Step 3: Engage the sales team on the benefits & train everyone

Step 4: Create the right metrics to chart progress toward your goals

Step 5: Evaluate the customer life-cycle & potential blueprint for post-sales

Through personal experience and client implementation of these five steps, System Surveyor passes muster for a high ROI digital transformation in several areas of the business. Think of System Surveyor as the vertebrae underlying your customer experience, and you’ll be amazed at how the team will adapt and thrive.

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