PSA Committees Take the POD: Leadership Committee

February 15, 2021

Many of you know about PSA committees and today’s Pod is being hosted by James Gallagher from our PSA team who oversees the committees. He leads the Leadership committee as they discuss their thoughts on social engineering, culture in a remote workforce, generational differences, company purpose and tips on how to keep your team connected.

James is joined by Shaun Castillo of Preferred Technologies, Brendan McFall of Northland Controls, Mike Barbagelata of McMillan Security Systems and John Nemerofsky of SAGE Integration.

Castillo, Shaun

Shaun Castillo

Preferred Technologies

Brendan McFall

Brendan McFall

Northland Controls

Mike Barbagelata

Mike Barbagelata

McMillan Security Systems

John Nemerofsky

John Nemerofsky

SAGE Integration