PSA Convention 2021 – That’s a Wrap!

October 19, 2021

The annual PSA Convention was hosted this past week in San Diego, California, Oct. 13 – 15. The network came together again after 2020’s year of virtual ADAPTation for business leadership education and networking with their peers and top technology partners. This event hosted over 61 integrators representing 45 of PSA’s most progressive owner and member companies from across the country. A big thank you to the sponsors, speakers and attendees who participated.

Mark your calendars! PSA Convention is heading to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, in October 2022.


This year at PSA Convention we held two half-day educational sessions jam-packed with three inspirational keynote speakers and one strategic business meeting. The first session featured April Simpkins, chief human resources officer for Totalhr. Simpkins led the group on Leading And Engaging A Diverse Workforce by understanding generational differences, building an engaging and inclusive culture, constructive confrontation and recruiting and retaining talent. Here’s a look at what you may have missed:

Leading And Engaging A Diverse WorkforcePresented by April Simpkins, Totalhr

Successfully leading a diverse workforce begins with understanding internal, external, organizational and world view diversity. Internal diversity stems from traits you are born into (age, national origin, gender, etc.), while external diversity relates to traits that are not necessarily characteristics someone is born with (education, geographic location, family status, relationship status, etc.). Organizational diversity relates to a person’s position in the organization (job, management status, seniority, location, etc.). World view diversity stems from factors that someone observes, feels or experiences that then shapes their world view (cultural events, politics, historical knowledge, etc.). The first step is to understand the differences in your diverse work culture, and the second is to empower and galvanize that diversity.

Simpkins then dove into understanding generational diversity and the importance of equity in the work culture. Each generation responds to management tactics differently and to keep your company culture strong, leaders must adapt management styles to fit their employees’ needs. Why is this important for a leader to understand? It directly relates to employee engagement levels in your company.

Download Leading And Engaging A Diverse Workforce slides to learn more.

PSA Business MeetingPresented by PSA Leadership

Day two of education kicked off with the PSA Business Meeting. Brian Ruttenbur, managing director in equity research for Imperial Capital, gave the group an update on major trends in the security industry, capital raised, current and planned moves by well-funded security companies.

Download Industry Trends and Updates for more information on Ruttenbur's presentation.

Following Ruttenbur’s update, the PSA leadership team took the stage to give our members an inside look at PSA operations for the past year and what to expect in the year to come. Allen Riggs, Ric McCullough, Matt Barnette and Chris Salazar-Mangrum in turn presented on fiscal, operational, strategy and partner program updates. The PSA Board of Directors then took to the stage to answer questions directly from our members about what support they can expect from their PSA leadership.

Download PSA Business Meeting slides to learn more.

TakingPoint: How High-Performance Teams Navigate Change with Resilience & AccountabilityPresented by Brent Gleeson, TakingPoint Leadership

Finally, Brent Gleeson, founder and CEO of TakingPoint Leadership shared his direct experience on leaders being all in for their companies through his work with the Navy SEALs. With today's unpredictable environment, businesses can find themselves in a constant state of change. In this presentation, Brent Gleeson showed the audience how to apply the same leadership and culture principles that forge the most elite special operations units in the world for building high-performance teams that lead change with passion, grit and resilience.

Download Building High-Performance Teams here.

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SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!Hilton Head Island, South Carolina | October 2022