SDI Fast50 Entry Deadline is Right Around the Corner

February 23, 2016

by: Paul Rothman, Editor-in-Chief of Security Dealer & Integrator (SD&I) magazine (

Now entering its fifth year, SD&I’s Fast50 has traditionally ranked the top 50 fastest-growing security dealers and integrators while giving our readers a little insight into the best practices that power these companies.

HURRY! Fast50 deadline for entries is Feb 26...Enter Now!

This year, our editorial staff has endeavored to make the 2016 Fast50 even more valuable to our readers and the companies that enter. In short, when you read about the Fast50 in the April issue of SD&I, youFast50promo will learn about the hottest markets, trends and technologies from the channel’s perspective —and new this year, you will have the chance to read exactly what your peers had to say when answering open-ended questions such as:

What are the best ways to recruit new talent into your business and/or attract talented individuals to the security industry in general?

What is your most effective marketing tool for attracting new customers, and do you foresee that changing over the next few years?

What is the biggest obstacle or challenge your company faces as it continues to grow?

What is your biggest challenge from a technology or installation perspective?

What particular technology, trend or development do you see as a “game-changer” in our industry, and why?

That’s some news you can use, right?

The thing is, this type of research won’t be valuable without the help of our loyal readership. That’s why this year, we have opened up the Fast50 even to those companies unwilling to share financial data with us —specifically, you company executive can complete the survey without being considered for the “rankings” portion of the program.

We are hoping that this will open the flood gates even further to deliver you the valuable (and free) research and insight to help you run a more profitable security services business.

Recognition for All

This year, the Fast50 list will be officially unveiled at ISC West, during a mainstage ceremony outside the exhibits hall. If your company chooses to enter the rankings portion, all of the top 50 will be mentioned at the ceremony, with the customary top 10 being called on stage.  As usual, the top 5 firms will be featured in SD&I, with the top company on the cover of our April issue.

Visit to enter and learn more.

Last year, CarterBrothers adorned our April cover...will this be your year?
About the Program

The Fast50 recognizes growth across the entire landscape of security systems contracting, from alarm dealers and installers to systems integrators — of course, including the many smaller companies that make up our industry.

Fast50 is different because of the way we compile the rankings. Companies are recognized and ranked based on their year-to-year percentage and revenue growth, with our special algorithm balancing those numbers over a three-year period. That provides the ability to recognize all kinds of companies, large and small; thus, every firm has an equal chance to earn a ranking in the program. If your company has enjoyed three consecutive years of growth, it has a great chance to be recognized as one of America’s fastest-growing systems integrators.

It is important to note that any financial information provided for the survey will be kept under a strict non-disclosure rule. Because we base the awards on year-to-year percentage growth and overall revenue growth, the only numbers published will be the basic percentages — none of the hard numbers will ever be released.

How to Enter

Entering the Fast50 is easy, and it’s free. Simply visit and fill out the survey. Remember to be prepared with the following:

1. Your company’s gross revenues for the last three consecutive reporting years (if you would like to be considered for the rankings portion of the program);

2. A company executive’s perspective on several market trends; and

3. An executive’s perspective on a few of your company’s best practices.

Last year, CarterBrothers adorned our April cover...will this be your year?

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