SDM: Physical Security As Dan Dunkel Sees It

December 23, 2020

Learn from PSA’s Dan Dunkel, managing director, MSSP Program, as he encourages physical security integrators to have a strategy to leverage the huge opportunity that great business leaders believe exist in the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

There is a lot written these days about cybersecurity and the IoT regarding their impact on security integrators. I put the situation into the context of digital risk — our societal movement into the age of ones and zeros — which has redefined the concept of both business and personal security. This essentially means everything connected to the internet (devices and humans) has to be secured; everyone and everything is more or less continuously connected today, with a growth trajectory that is almost unimaginable. This has created a revenue opportunity which integrators across multiple market sectors find compelling.

Having spent 37 years in high technology, physical security and cybersecurity firms, this is how I see it. Read more on>>