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February 9, 2015

BICSI’s Electronic Safety and Security Designer (ESSD) Program

Safety should always remain in the front of our mind, no matter what it is we’re working on. But with technology in the 21st century so intricate, keeping our facilities, equipment, clients and families protected is increasingly challenging. With the first IP-enabled video camera in the late 1990s, the security industry has continued to innovate and expand system capabilities designed for protection. The speed of change and innovation has increased, incorporating concepts and technologies that have recently arisen. Qualified individuals who know how to properly build security features into a design not only protect their client’s investment, but save them money spent on critical elements added down the road.

In response to the need for these qualified individuals, BICSI—the worldwide preeminent source of information, education and knowledge assessment for the constantly evolving information and communications technology (ICT) industry—established its Electronic Safety and Security Designer (ESSD) program in 2009. This program, consisting of a credential, a reference manual, and two courses, is based on industry standards and best practices. Pursuing and earning the ESSD credential allows you to showcase your expertise in the field of electronic safety and security (ESS).

The Credential

BICSI ESSDs are highly trained in the areas of ESS and have been tested on their ability to understand and apply a range of ESS technology and design information. Those achieving the credential are well-versed in principles of security, the ESS design process, access control, surveillance systems, intrusion detection systems, fire detection and alarm systems, network security, project management and more. ESS Designers possess outstanding ESS design qualities that give them significant competitive recognition.

The Manual

Those taking the ESSD exam are tested on a wide range of ESS material found in the BICSI Electronic Safety and Security Design Reference Manual (ESSDRM). But the manual is not just for ESSD candidates; it is a highly valuable reference manual for both the ICT designer and the security professional. BICSI’s ESSDRM describes how ESS design has been transformed into elements of a larger security solution, where information and infrastructure are shared. This sharing allows personnel to focus attention at a wider, broader level, while systems manage the monitoring and initiating of alarms when, and even before, an incident occurs. The ESSDRM guides its readers in this convergence and allows them to stay current on global best practices for the design and integration of different ESS systems.

The Courses

BICSI’s ESS courses prepare you for success and give you the educational tools you need to pursue your ESS Designer credential. Available online via BICSI CONNECT, BICSI’s online learning platform, is An Introduction to ESS. This introductory course discusses security design basics and theory, as well as current trends in ESS. The class also reviews the concepts related to integrating ESS and information technology systems, including devices, roles, requirements and processes. For a more advanced look into the field, ESS110: Designing Electronic Safety and Security Systems is a five-day course that provides you with the knowledge you need to design ESS, as well as concepts, systems and processes related to integrating ESS. In this course, you will consult with other professionals to gather vital client and security information and then apply security design basics and theory to design a security program.

By becoming a BICSI-credentialed ESSD, you:

  • Build confidence in your customers, earning more bids.
  • Gain global recognition for your proficiency and experience in ESS design.
  • Become part of a network of qualified ESS professionals through which you can share and exchange new information and experiences.
  • Continuously learn and stay current on the latest industry trends through continuing education.

So, what are you waiting for? Show your commitment to proper ESS design and best practices by working toward earning the BICSI ESSD credential.


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