SIW Insider Intelligence: Accountability of Leadership with Anthony Berticelli

October 21, 2021

PSA Network team members share “Insider Intelligence” with Anthony Berticelli, vice president of operations, shares why taking responsibility for “losses” is job one of a great leader and more.

Growing up as the son of a collegiate coach, I often heard my dad say: “When the team wins, it is because the players played well. When we lose, it is always the coach’s fault.”

As a kid who didn’t fully understand the complexities of leadership, I used to think of that as a statement about how hard it is to be a coach. I thought my dad was complaining about being blamed for losses, and not getting credit for winning. As I grew up and began to take on leadership roles of my own, I realized it wasn’t a complaint; instead, it was a statement he lived by and instilled in those he mentored.

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