Vendor Partner Changes: Effective 3/01/2014

February 12, 2014
Dear PSA Integrator,

To better maximize the business relationship of our key vendor pCraig Pattersonartners, as well as streamline their respective product offerings, PSA has continued the process of thoroughly reviewing each of our vendors to help ensure a productive line card going forward. In our efforts to eliminate some of the product offering duplication in maintaining 150 vendor partners, we have taken another step in cutting this list down to a more manageable number. This round of cuts was focused on both the sales numbers (or lack of) these vendors generated for PSA in CY’2013 as well as their overall support of PSA and our members. Based on this review, the product lines of the following vendors will no longer be offered through PSA (effective 3/01/2014):

  • A1 Webcams
  • Automatic Systems
  • IndigoVision
  • Takex
  • Tote Vision

Each of the aforementioned vendors (most of whom generated less than $20k of sales for PSA) were notified in advance of the cuts. Additional cuts will be forthcoming, but will require much more due diligence, as well as continued input/feedback from all faucets of PSA corporate, our owners and our customers. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments regarding PSA’s move to a leaner line card.


Craig Patterson

Director of Vendor Management | PSA Security Network