Visions for Security in the Year 2020 | SDM Highlight

January 20, 2017

In just three short years, the year 2020 will be upon us — a year that is increasingly holding special significance for its connotation with 20-20 eyesight or symbolic “clarity of vision,” as well as the fact that many people, organizations and countries alike are reportedly setting lofty goals to achieve by 2020. SDM reached out to a wide variety of industry professionals and asked them to answer the question, “What significant changes will have taken place in the security industry by the year 2020?”

Hear from the PSA commmunity of industry professionals who contributed their predictions for SDM’s “Visions for Security in the Year 2020”

Technology Solutions Sold to Customers by Security Integrators

Types of Services Sold to Customers by Security Integrators

The Financial Sector

Human Resources

The Ways Customers Purchase Security

Other Areas

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