Why Offering a Unified Solution Results in a Happy Customer and Increases Your Bottom Line

November 11, 2014

Would you like the convenience of buying your access control, video management system and IP cameras from one manufacturer? Are you looking for ways to offer more add-ons to your customers? Would your customers prefer working with one manufacturer rather than several?

Tracking version updates among two or three different manufactures is exhausting. Product upgrade delays can mean not updating technology on your customer’s terms which can result in frustration for you and your customer. Often it takes months before the technology integrates properly, just for it to start again when a different manufacturer releases a new version.

Installing a unified solution from one manufacturer puts the customer in control, eliminates frustration and offers you an opportunity to increase your bottom line.

AMAG now offers a complete line of HD cameras to PSA Members. Along with the Symmetry™ Access Control and Video Management system, you can now offer Symmetry HD Cameras to your customers, providing a unified solution for customers of all sizes and for all vertical markets. Offering the product add-on will increase your bottom line, eliminate the headaches that come with managing multiple companies’ product updates and result in a happy customer.

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