Your 5 Burning Questions about Cyber:Secured Forum Answered

May 17, 2018

Cyber:Secured Forum delivers two days of in-depth content on cybersecurity trends and best practices related to the delivery of physical security systems and other integrated systems. Collaboratively developed by SIA and PSA Security Network’s education teams, sessions will feature top cybersecurity leaders, while sponsor exhibits will showcase solutions related to cybersecurity, integrated systems and physical security solutions.  Register today! Contact for your $300 off discount code!


Who at my company should attend Cyber:Secured Forum?
Anyone who is responsible for the cybersecurity of your own company or of the integrated systems that you install every day. Executive leaders, integration or application engineers, solutions architects, specifiers, project managers and IT leaders are just a few examples of the job functions that would find value in attending this event.

Numbers_2I attended TEC, does it still make sense for me to go to Cyber:Secured Forum?
Yes. The sessions and content that will be presented at Cyber:Secured Forum have not been presented at any other PSA, SIA or ISC Security Events conference. For instance, NIST will be presenting on their new Cyber-Physical Systems Framework (scheduled for release in May 2018) which will be one of the first instances of public presentation of this new standard. This is only one example of the type of content that will be totally new for PSA members.

Numbers_3Cyber is not a top focus area for our company so how can I justify the cost and time away from my business?
BB&T Insurance recently shared with PSA a small sampling of some of the cyber claims they have handled recently in the security market, all of them rooted in social engineering attacks.  One California-based security vendor reported that it had been duped out of more than $40 million by criminals using employee impersonation and an outside entity to request fraudulent wire transfers. The company’s fourth-quarter filing indicated it may not have insurance coverage for the loss. In another example, a corporate accounting department staffer received a call from an overseas vendor inquiring about late payment. The staffer discovered that an unknown person had posed as the vendor, providing new instructions for wiring funds. The vendor learned that its own systems had been hacked, enabling the thief to send false, but authentic-looking invoices. The loss totaled more than $300,000. In yet another instance, another company experienced executive impersonation in a scam that tricked the controller into arranging a large wire transfer to satisfy an overdue invoice. The scammer had hacked the company’s e-mail and sent the request from the e-mail account of the CFO, who was out of town. Although the controller questioned the payment, a follow-up email was sent assuring the controller that authority had come “from the highest levels” of the organization. The fraud was not discovered until the CFO returned and the controller discussed the transfer, which the CFO did not authorize. Investigators suspect that hackers were monitoring executive movements and tracked e-mails to make fraudulent requests appear legitimate. Loss was over $200,000.

These staggering examples only represent social engineering based attacks – the list goes on and on as to the type of cyber risks integrators face every day. With cyber losses typically in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and more, attending Cyber:Secured Forum is really an investment in the future of your company and your business reputation.

Numbers_4Can I use training bucks to cover Cyber:Secured Forum?
Yes. The Training Bucks policy for Cyber:Secured Forum 2018 allows for reimbursement of your registration fee ($599 per person with promo code PSA). Travel and other expenses are not eligible for reimbursement with Training Bucks for this event.

Are there any of my fellow PSA owner companies planning to attend?Numbers_5-
There are currently over 30 PSA owner companies already planning to attend including:

Access Security Corp.
ACT Security, Inc.
ADT Security Services
Alarm Detection Systems
Beacon Communications
ECD Systems
Enterprise Systems Group
G4S Secure Integration Llc
Integrated Security & Communications
KST Security
Lone Star Communications
Northland Controls
PASS Security
Pathway Technologies, Inc.
Phoenix Systems & Service, Inc.
Photo-Scan Of Los Angeles, Inc.
Prime Communications
Red Hawk Fire & Security
Reece Complete Security Solutions
Safe Systems
Securadyne Systems
Securalarm Systems, Inc.
Security Control Integrators, Inc.
Security Specialists
Sitesecure/Miller Electric Company
Tech Systems, Inc
Thompson Electronics Company
Vision Security Technologies
VTI Security
Walsh Door & Security

Register today! Contact for your $300 off discount code!